Tara Goines has been nominated as Teacher of the Year twice and has received honorary mention at the district level. Tara has a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction, a Gifted and Talented Education teaching certificate, and an administrative credential. She is currently, a Teacher on Special Assignment supporting Math and NGSS at the district level. She has also supported English Language Development at the district level and was on a committee for the California Department of Education’s English Language Development Proficiency (ELPAC) Assessment.

Tara was a participant in the Building Educator Assessment Literacy training offered by WestEd and SCALE in the area of Math and the AV Math Performance Task Development. Tara also worked with UCLA and SBAC to align the digital resource library to lessons to support instruction based on data. She is also an active participant in the NGSS Performance Task development of NGSS for the San Gabriel Valley. Tara has also taught courses for Education for the University of Phoenix focusing on curriculum and instruction. She has also been an Administrator during summer school offerings with her school distric