K.C. Boyd is currently a library media specialist with the Washington D.C. Public School System. She previously worked as the Lead Librarian for the East St. Louis School District #189 in East St. Louis, IL., an Area Library Coordinator for Chicago Public Schools and a District Coordinator for the Mayor Daley Book Club for Middle School Students.

She is a second-generation educator and holds Master’s degrees in Library Information Science, Media Communications, and Education Leadership. Her favorite quotes are, “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all learning possible,” and “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” She is driven in her commitment to serving marginalized African-American children, young adults, and school communities.

Boyd believes that all children, despite economic circumstances, have the right to read and should have access to books that reflect themselves and encourage inquiry.

Follow K.C. Boyd on Twitter @Boss_Librarian.