Jenn Groff – Educational engineer, researcher and designer whose work focuses on redesigning learning systems, environments, and experiences through educational innovations and technologies.

Currently: Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the MIT Media Lab and the co-founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign—an international NGO dedicated to redesigning the general curricula for the 21st century.


VP of  at the Learning Games Network, leading the work on assessment in games and the executive producer on Playful Learning—an online knowledge base and community of practice for game-based learning in education.

US-UK Fulbright Scholar at Futurelab Education in Bristol, United Kingdom, studying innovation in systems of education and the use of console-games in Scotland’s schools.

Classroom teacher, named a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Leader in 2005 and a Google Certified Teacher.

Author of numerous frameworks on unblocking innovation in education systems, transformation and design over educational reform, and the ‘whole-mindedness’ pedagogical approach, and is one of the authors in the book 20Under40: Reinventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century—which selected submissions from 20 emerging arts education leaders under the age of 40.

Primary areas of expertise: the learning sciences, digital innovations for learning, new models of assessment and curricula, and the nature of innovation in education systems.