In this episode, Dr. Berger speaks with Kyle Berger and Pete Just about the rise of esports within K-12 education. Kyle, who was TCEA’s 2009 Technology Director of the Year, is CTO for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD in Texas. Pete is the CTO and COO of the MSD of Wayne Township (Indiana) and is currently serving his second term as CoSN Board Chair.

The conversation will advance education technology leaders’ understanding of esports within the school district setting, including how and why to implement esports programs. Among the topics discussed: How to “sell” the value of esports programs to stakeholders in school districts [4:52], what the structure of formal esports programs looks like in high schools and middle schools [8:18], how esports programs support inclusivity for all students [17:14], and what brain science says about the positive effects of gaming [24:15].

Follow Pete @petejust and Kyle @edtechcto.

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