In this episode, Dr. Berger interviews Donna Williamson, facilitator for CoSN’s Early Career K-12 CTO Academy, along with two members of the current Academy cohort: Karyn Dobda, Director of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives for Pennsylvania’s Quaker Valley School District; and Steve Thomaschefsky, Director of Technology, School District of Waupaca (Wisc.).

The conversation touches on a number of topics relevant to technology leaders in education. Among other topics, the guests discuss how districts can make sure to have the right leaders in the CTO role [3:50], how school boards can identify people who aren’t simply “techies,” but have the potential to be great leaders [8:30], the roles that communication, collaboration and professional development play in technology decision-making and implementation [12:15], and the interpersonal skills CTOs need, in addition to the technical ones [21:53].

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