Marie Groark

Marie Groark is the Executive Director of The Get Schooled Foundation. Ms. Groark also currently serves as the Senior Program Officer for Education at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. An independent non-profit organization, the Get Schooled Foundation's co-founders include the Gates Foundation and Viacom, with support from the AT&T Foundation.
Ms. Groark will be responsible for leading the Get Schooled Foundation in its mission to raise awareness about the significant challenges facing America's public education system. Get Schooled has launched several initiatives designed to inform and mobilize all affected constituents -- from students and their families to business leaders and elected officials -- with the ultimate goals of promoting the fundamental importance of education, increasing high school and college graduation rates and improving postsecondary readiness. Utilizing the creative assets of Viacom and the expertise of the Gates Foundation, Ms. Groark will also help to establish the Foundation as an important resource for other education reform efforts.

Ms. Groark has worked with the Gates Foundation since 2002, leading its efforts to improve educational outcomes through advocacy and communications work. In that position, she worked closely with media, government and non-profit partners to shine the spotlight on America's drop out crisis, and the civic and economic consequences of the status quo.

Previously, Ms. Groark was a Principal Consultant with PwC Consulting where she led strategic planning engagements for government, non-profit and corporate clients. She began her career as a social studies teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx, N.Y. Ms. Groark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from New York University, a Masters of Teaching from Teacher's College at Columbia University, and a Masters of Public Policy from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. In addition, Ms. Groark serves on the Board of Directors of the Education Writers Association, which is dedicated to improving the quality of education journalism.